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Who is GS Materials?

GS Materials is a family-owned concrete sand company that has been in operation since 1984. With three active mines, they are the leading supplier of concrete sand in the state of North Carolina.


01. Brand Identity


02. Website Design (Coming Soon)

The Problem

GS Materials originally reached out for help creating a website for the company. Up until this point, a majority of their marketing and networking had been done through word of mouth. They decided it was time to create an online platform that they could direct clients to for more information about their services.

As we began the website process, it became evident that they were also in need of a new, clear brand identity. There were a few different logos in use with varying color usage. This would need to be refined to provide the best outcome for the website and for future marketing/branding purposes.

The Vision

For this logo, the concept is simple and bold. A reoccurring element in the business is the idea of roads and paths. From the tire tracks molded into the mines, to the materials used to pave the way all across the state.

This path element is not only seen physically, but also metaphorically as the business is described as a longstanding leader in the industry. You are setting the standard, blazing the trail, that surrounding competitors look to.

The Results

GS Materials now has a bold, minimal logo with a simplified color scheme. The brand icon not only helps with quick name identification, but also leads the eye in a winding path, alluding to the company’s purpose.

Included in this suite are a handful of logo variations that allow for easy branding on any product. 

The website design is currently still in progress. Check back soon for an update.

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