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Who is Bijoux by Catherine?

Bijoux by Catherine is a handcrafted jewelry business headquartered in Summerfield, North Carolina. Their mission and tagline is to create “jewelry for good.” This is accomplished through their high quality materials and through their donations to charity. 


01. Strategy

02. Brand Identity

03. Signage

The Problem

As Bijoux by Catherine grew, Catherine recognized there was a pressing need for consistent visuals and a clearer brand concept. The business was going to need clearer guidelines to keep the brand identity consistent among additional employees and vendors.

Catherine was also looking for strategy to better understand her place in the industry and gain an additional perspective on her brand’s value and voice.

The Vision

To get a better grasp of the vision for the new brand, we began with a strategy session. This included a 1:1 meeting to discuss her thoughts on her business, as well as a 20+ page Brand Guide. This guide explained their ideal clients and the sales process. It showed Catherine where they could pivot themselves in their industry, who they could work with, and gave a written look of their brand values and keywords.

The Results

Once that foundation was set, we then moved into creating the brand identity. The overall style inspiration was an encapsulation of femininity and nature. This came to fruition as fluid lines and floral elements.

The minimal clean typefaces allow an air of elegance and for the jewelry to shine, while also keeping a playful tone to it.

To keep true to past branding, pinks remained as the primary brand colors. We also introduced more earthy tones for accents to compliment and contrast.

The handdrawn hands and florals were included to add an even deeper visual identity to the brand. They can be added to incite a bit of playfulness and give a nod to the handcrafted nature of the products.

Overall, these services allowed for Bijoux by Catherine to have a clearer and more consistent brand identity for their evergrowing business.

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